Ask a Designer

Ask a Designer is SuperHi's advice column inviting guest columnists, successful and accomplished designers working in the industry, to share their insights on building a creative career. After all, it's tough out there. They're here to help.

Ask a Designer #16: How Can I Rebuild My Self Esteem After Being Fired?

Getting let go from a job can be the biggest blow to your self worth. Here's how to build yourself back up and come back stronger!

Ask a Designer #15: Should I Get a Formal Design Qualification to Make a Career Change?

Wondering if you need a formal qualification for design? Charli guides a fashion designer through their options for forging a new path in graphic design.

Ask a Designer #14: What Do I Do When a Project is Lacking Management?

Ever been hired for a freelance design job that has no project manager on it? Charli discusses some coping mechanisms in this column.

Ask a Designer #13: What Do All These Design Roles Actually Mean?

What's the difference between a marketing designer, product designer, UX designer... and all the other designers? In her first column, Charli Marie demystifies the many different roles that crop up while job hunting.

Ask a Designer #12: Shall I Change My Career Path to Save My Creativity?

Nika offers advice to a creatively-deprived developer pondering a career change to product design.

Ask a Designer #11: How Do I Start a Side Project?

SuperHi's advice columnist and graphic designer Nika takes us through the journey of starting (and finishing) a personal design project.

Ask a Designer #10: How Do I Create a Portfolio Without Any Real Client Work?

No clients? No worries! Nika shares her wisdom on how to create an impressive portfolio without any paid design work.

Ask a Designer #9: How Do I Break into Graphic Design?

Nika offers some key tips for cracking into a crowded industry.

Ask a Designer #8: How do I Keep Up With Changing Software and Jargon?

Nika writes about how to keep up with the fast-changing tools in design.

Ask a Designer #7: How Do I Know When to Give Up on My Dream Career?

Today, Nika walks through what to do when you think it might be time to give up on your dream career.

Ask a Designer #6: How Do I Launch a Fulfilling, Creative Career?

Meg tackles launching a fulfilling career in the creative fields, especially when you feel like an imposter.

Ask a Designer #5: Should I Try to Do it All Myself?

Meg answers a question all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be can relate to.

Ask a Designer #4: How Do I Land that First Breakthrough Design Job?

Meg walks through how to land your first job, the one that seems so hard to get.

Ask a Designer #3: Is Passive Income Possible if I Don't Have a Lot of Followers?

Meg talks about how to build a business that doesn't rely on millions of followers.

Ask a Designer #2: Help! My Manager Is Stressing Me Out

Meg talks about how to set proper boundaries at work, even when it comes to your manager.

Ask a Designer #1: Does it Matter What I Call Myself?

Meg gives us a lesson on personal branding in the creative world.