Project Management

Ask a Project Manager #12: What PM Skills Should Freelancers Know?

In her final column, Abby offers some smart suggestions of project management essentials that make freelance life a whole lot smoother.

Ask a Project Manager #11: How Can I Avoid Money Disagreements with Clients?

In this week's column, Abby gives her advice on how to make super tight contracts that will help to reduce money-related issues with stakeholders.

Ask a Project Manager #10: How Do I Get Good Constructive Feedback?

In this week's column, Abby shares advice on how to receive constructive feedback on your project management skills, aka a super power for self improvement!

Ask a Project Manager #9: How Do I Transition from Development to Product Management?

In this third instalment, Abby guides a developer on how to move into the world of product management. No prior experience? No problem.

Ask a Project Manager #8: How Do I Protect Myself in a Project Timeline?

"I've never experienced delays in a project", said no one ever! In her second column, Abby shares some wisdom on the steps you can take to protect yourself during project timeline delays.

Ask a Project Manager #7: How Do I Land My First Digital Project Management Role?

Abby shares tips on how to transition into your first digital project management role, how to narrow the search, and how to spot red flags when job hunting.

Ask a Designer #11: How Do I Start a Side Project?

SuperHi's advice columnist and graphic designer Nika takes us through the journey of starting (and finishing) a personal design project.

Ask a Project Manager #6: How Do I Become My Own Boss?

Rachel takes us through the highs and lows of what it really takes to start your own business.

Ask a Project Manager #5: How Do I Land My First Project Management Job?

Rachel dishes on what it takes to get your first role as a project manager.

Ask a Project Manager #4: How Do I Make Sure My Team Adheres to Deadlines?

Rachel writes about the difference between management and leadership, how to ask for and get behavior change from people and becoming an ally so your team can work together to get things done - on time.

Ask a Project Manager #3: I Don't Have a Project Manager and I Really Need One. Help!

Rachel writes about a common situation: how to do the job you were hired to do, and do it well, when there's no project manager to help set expectations and spot red flags.

Ask a Project Manager #2: How Do I Navigate Internal Politics to Get the Right Things Done?

Rachel dishes on setting expectations and navigating internal politics when it feels like everyone has different priorities.