Project Management

How to Keep Business Creative

What does it take to keep creativity flowing through the veins of a business? In his final instalment of this series, Koto's creative director and co-founder James Greenfield delves into how to keep the energy and avoid "creative rot".

How to Start a Creative Business: Setting Up for Success

From finding a co-founder to building your reputation and voice, James Greenfield shares some solid advice on how to set up a creative business - the right way.

How to Land Your First Job in Tech

Struggling to land a job in tech? SuperHi teacher Lou has compiled some handy resources and key tips to give you the best chance of getting hired.

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It's time to talk about the fun behind the scenes work every business has to do.

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SuperHi's community specialist Brian on taking on new challenges and the lessons he's learned.

From Idea to Done: How to Finish, Ship and Launch Your Creative Side Projects

The hardest thing about side projects isn't coming up with ideas.

How to Get Started with Project Management

You don't have to be a "project manager" at work to reap the benefits for yourself or for how you work in a team.

5 Essential Project Management Methodologies You Need to Know

Don't fix what ain't broken: here are tried and true approaches that have taken many projects successfully from idea to the finish line.

Project Management: The New Creative Superpower

Here's why everyone who works on things, whether with a team or solo, needs to start thinking and acting like a project manager.

5 Project Managers on How They Work, PM Toolkits and the Future of Project Management

We're going straight to the source, asking real working project managers what they know about running effective projects.

How to Project Manage Your Learning

How do you find the time? What exactly should you be working on? When you want to upgrade your skills, whether it's for creative or career growth, it's not as easy as saying go.

How to Design Better Meetings

From the six different types of meetings to building a practice of creating safe and inclusive spaces, we're here to help you do meetings better this year, with loads more intentionality and a little bit less .../huh?/!?!?!